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by | Feb 26, 2024 | Real Estate Photography

Welcome to 57ink Photography’s recommended guidelines for preparing your home to shine in captivating real estate photography.

Ensure Cleanliness and Organization:
Your home should emanate cleanliness and organization to captivate potential buyers. Clear countertops create an illusion of spaciousness and warmth. Remove clutter to showcase the full potential of your living space, tucking away personal items and ensuring visible garbage cans are out of sight to enhance overall cleanliness and presentation.

Illuminate with Light:
Lighting is pivotal in highlighting your home’s features. Prior to the photoshoot, ensure all light fixtures are functional with working bulbs. Adequate lighting significantly enhances ambiance and attractiveness.

By adhering to these straightforward yet impactful guidelines, you can effectively maximize your home’s marketing potential and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.


At 57ink Photography, we recognize the importance of presenting your home’s exterior in the best light. Follow these suggestions to enhance your property’s curb appeal before the real estate photoshoot:

Parking and Landscape:

Park vehicles away from the house or in the garage to let the architecture shine.
Freshen up landscaping by trimming bushes, mowing the lawn, and planting fresh flowers.
Remove trash, branches, leaves, or debris from the yard for a tidy appearance.
Eliminate dead plants or trees to maintain a vibrant outdoor environment.
Outdoor Cleanup:

Sweep outdoor spaces and walkways to remove dirt and debris.
Clear foliage from the roof and gutters for a well-maintained appearance.
Spread fresh mulch in garden beds to enhance visual appeal and suppress weed growth.
Pool and Outdoor Accessories:

Remove debris, hoses, and toys from the pool area to showcase cleanliness.
Store outdoor trash and recycling bins to keep them out of sight.
Store garden hoses, tools, equipment, toys, bikes, and BBQ accessories to declutter the outdoor space.
Windows, Glass, and Furniture:

Wash windows and glass doors to allow natural light in.
Clean outdoor furniture for an inviting outdoor living space.
Arrange pillows, umbrellas, and accessories on outdoor furniture for a polished look.
Straighten outdoor furniture and remove seasonal decorations to avoid distractions.
General Maintenance:

Mow the grass, rake leaves, pull weeds, and remove dead vegetation for a groomed appearance.
By following these guidelines, you can ensure your home’s exterior makes a positive impression and attracts potential buyers from the moment they see your listing photos.


At 57ink Photography, we aim to capture your home’s interior essence with clarity and elegance. Follow these guidelines to ensure your interior spaces are ready for stunning real estate photography:

Lighting Considerations:

Keep artificial lighting off during the shoot to prevent color distortion.
Utilize natural outside light for optimal illumination.
In rooms lacking natural light, our photographer will adjust settings for balance.
Window Treatments:

Adjust blinds and shutters to reveal exterior views.
Ensure consistency in adjusting window coverings across multiple windows.
General Interior Preparation:

Clear countertops and remove clutter for a spacious atmosphere.
Depersonalize the home by removing personal photos and items.
Turn off fans to maintain a serene environment.
Clean mirrors, windows, and surfaces for enhanced appeal.
Vacuum carpets, polish floors, and store wastebaskets out of sight.
Remove pet items, toys, and turn off electronics.
Kitchen Preparation:

Clean and declutter countertops for a streamlined appearance.
Remove refrigerator magnets and personal photos for a tidy presentation.
Hide soaps, towels, and cleaning items for a clean look.
Sweep and mop floors for a polished finish.
Living Areas Preparation:

Minimize personal items to allow potential buyers to envision themselves in the space.
Organize bookshelves and minimize knick-knacks for a clutter-free environment.
Set tables with simple place settings for an inviting atmosphere.
By following these instructions, you can ensure your home’s interior radiates charm and sophistication in every real estate photograph.


Prepare your bedrooms to showcase comfort and relaxation for potential buyers. Follow these guidelines for a positive impression:

Bed Presentation:

Make beds neatly and arrange decorative pillows for visual appeal.
Clutter Removal:

Store personal items to maintain a tidy appearance.
Remove items from under the bed to create space.
Closet Organization:

Tidy closets and bedside tables for a streamlined appearance.

Ensure your bathrooms convey cleanliness and tranquility:

Bathroom Essentials:

Close toilet lids and clear countertops for a clutter-free look.
Store bath items out of sight for a spa-like ambiance.

Present your outdoor oasis at its best:

Pool and Spa Maintenance:

Ensure cleanliness by removing debris from the pool.
Straighten lounge chairs and set up patio umbrellas.

Utilize storage wisely to maintain a clutter-free environment:

Keep closets and storage sheds organized.
Utilize spaces to keep items out of sight during the photoshoot.
By following these guidelines, you can ensure every aspect of your home is presented in its best light, attracting potential buyers and leaving a lasting impression.